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5 Best Mindfulness Meditations you can find online

5 of the Best Free Mindfulness Meditations you can find online

mindfulness meditationsIf you are wanting to delve into the world of mindfulness after reading all about the benefits of this practice, there are lots of resources and videos online talking about how best to start a practice, more in-depth details about its benefits, and some guided versions of mindfulness meditations to start you on your journey to better health.

In this article, however, we’ll be going into mindfulness guided meditation videos and practices you can find online so that you can start practising mindfulness from home today.

1. 10-minute mindfulness meditations from The Honest Guys
Even if you only have ten minutes free in your day to dedicate to your new mindfulness practice, you can use this YouTube video from The Honest Guys to calm your mind and instil a sense of wellbeing.

This meditation is simple and straightforward and allows you to take a break away from your busy schedule. Why not give it a shot?

2. Mindfulness meditation for anxiety and stress by Positive Magazine Meditation
If you are looking for a mindfulness meditation specific for relieving any anxiety or stress that you may be feeling, then this one is perfect for you. Again, it is only ten minutes long, but even just that short amount of time means your brain can relax and breathe.

Take time out from your day to enjoy this relaxing meditation for mindfulness.

3. Mindfulness meditation for deep sleep by Michael Sealey
If you need a longer meditation that can help to induce sleep that is of better quality and quantity, then this meditation can help with that. Listen to Michael’s relaxing voice as he guides you through this guided mindfulness meditation.
You will feel more relaxed and ready to rest for the night.
4. Mindfulness meditation for kids by New Horizon
Get your kids involved in your mindfulness practice, or use it in schools to promote better mental health. This ten-minute meditation can help to calm your child’s mind and set them up for their day, so that they can perform better in school, and have better relationships with other kids and their teachers.
It’s a quick meditation that helps to promote mindfulness in the younger generation.
5. 20-minute mindfulness meditation for letting go by The Mindful Movement
If you need to let go of some feelings or are just having a lot of worries at the moment, this meditation is perfect for dealing with those issues. It’s a little bit longer than some other meditations, but it is well worth it if you want to improve your overall mindset.
Make sure to do this meditation, as with all mindfulness meditations in a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed by others or pets.
Incorporating these meditations into your daily routine will help you to reap so many of the benefits of mindfulness, and will improve your overall health. There are so many other mindfulness meditation videos you can find online that are both guided and non-guided, as well as written run-throughs of various mindfulness practices.
Do these daily for the next few days, and you’ll notice a difference in both yourself and the world around you.