Martin’s Path

Martin Litt-Wilson

Martin is an author, researcher and psychic medium specialising in mediumship, tarot and numerology. He has consulted and appeared in over one hundred television programmes and documentaries. During the last twenty years he has lectured internationally as well as appearing at The Sunday Times Literature Festival (alongside Professor Bruce Hood) and various festivals and universities across the UK.

“My interest started at an early age when I began experiencing a number of unusual incidents that my peers could not explain. In my teens I joined luminaries such as “The Ghost Club” and was a regular at my local spiritualist church. I was surrounded by support and love at the spiritualist church and this allowed me to develop freely and with an open mind.”

Over the last twenty years he has continued to further his education and understanding of the psychical sciences and mediumship, continually pushing his skills as a psychic and medium. Aside from mediumship Martin is an experienced tutor and reader of Tarot and numerologist.

“In the 1990s I began to look at ancient magical manuscripts and practises to further my knowledge and to see the comparisons between the experiences of modern day mediums and ancient ceremonial magicians. I have knowledge of many magical systems, having practical and theoretical experience of the occult.”

Martin sees Essentia 2 as a way of “restarting” mediumship for the current generation, stripping back the baggage gained over the last thirty years to the core theories and ideas behind the psychical sciences.

Martin Litt-Wilson