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Become a Medium Online Course (Coming Soon)

Guided by experienced tutors, this course will help you develop your natural intuition and become a medium.

What will I learn?

During this course you will:-

  • Connect with your spirit guides
  • Understand spirit communication
  • Give messages from the spirit world
  • Be a fully operating medium!


No experience at all needed – just an open, inquisitive mind ready to learn. Throughout the course are references, videos and audio to help you on your path. We also provide full support privately and online forums. This is a great beginner course that take you to being a ready to practice medium

Our Mediumship Course

With a joint experience of over fifty years, two working mediums, Ian Doherty and Martin Litt Wilson have personally developed and created their first online course. Ian and Martin have trained hundreds of people around the world in mediumship and psychic development, and now are launching an indepth course that will take you from beginner to a working medium.

The course contains theory and practice, tapping into their extensive knowledge you will learn about how to work with your spirit guides, understanding spirit communication and how to give accurate messages.

Also provided for this nine module course, are hours of video and audio, references for further reading, and something very important to the tutors – continual support of you and your development in private skype sessions and/or our private online forums where you can meet similar people on the same course.

psychic medium readings

Mediumship Course topics include:

  • Difference between Psychic and Medium
  • How to meditate
  • Communicating with guides
  • Types of entities
    Understanding how the body reacts to spirit
  • What are Auras?
  • The psychology and archetypes behind mediumship
  • Giving messages, platform work and responsibilities
  • Working instantly with spirit


Sign up now and receive 10% discount

This unique mediumship course will be launching October 2018 - as a special thank you for your support we are offering 10% discount for early bird sign ups. Just email with your name and contact details, and when we launch in October you will receive a discount voucher and first access to our new course!