What is Psychic Healing and how it works

psychic healingMy spirit friends have asked me to put this blog together as well as inspired its contents and is a general overview of the exchange in healing energies from spirit, to healer to recipient. I have purposefully not mentioned any of the diverse healing methods that range from Reiki, to hands on psychic healing.

Understanding Psychic Healing

The main barrier to the reception of healing energy is that of the human aura. One of the main reasons for this is the electrical activity of the brain, coupled with the electromagnetic propensities of the human heart, as it all adds together in forming the energy field that encapsulates our physical body.

Have you ever wondered why psychic healing is always performed when the recipient and healer are both in a relaxed state, an obvious statement I dare say, though have you ever really thought about it? When a person is in a relaxed state of mind, the brain waves reduce in amplitude to that of the high to mid alpha wave (8-15 cycles per second), the heart rate reduces quite significantly to that of a resting rate, (average of 72 bpm). This considerably reduces the energy being produced by the body and results in the auric field becoming more permeable, thus more accepting of the energy being transferred from the healer.

Afferent and efferent nerves convey signals to and from the brain, these nerve impulses consist of a wave(s) of electrical depolarisation that reverses the potential differences across the nerve cell membranes. Estimates range from between 95 million to 1 trillion nerve cells in the human body, there are around 1500 nerve cells in each inch of skin. These nerves can therefore be used as a super highway as it were for the conveyance of energy from source, through medium to the recipient. One reason is that the nerves which reach every area of the body will at various points also meet up with the meridian structures, essentially an eastern philosophy whereby vital flows of energy, termed as chi, populate around the body, almost akin to a mesh or fine fishing net laid over and extended into the human body. Is it therefore not fair to say that the electrical waves that travel through the central nervous system and extend into the periphery nervous system interpopulate with the meridians in order to better convey the healing energy to where it is needed within the body of the recipient, via the healer.

There is another obstacle that is needed to be overcome for the psychic healing energy to better utilised, this is one of frequency/resonance. What I mean by this is that the build of the recipient, whether they are small, tall, thin, fat, muscular and the factor of their sex, male or female, all play a part in their overall resonance, which is emitted at a cellular level. For clarity, think of the density of bones (3.88 grams/cm2, in males compared to (2.90 grams/cm2) in females, as evidenced through x-rays, or the density of muscular mass (1.1 gram/millilitre), in comparison to that of fat (0.0 grams/millilitre) (

As you can see there is such a change in differentials not only between male and female but also in the build of each person, their brain activity, their health. All these factors have to be met by spirit who are providing the healing energy, as it is constantly oscillated to meet the changes in the energy field of the recipient and healer alike. The energy field of the healer must also be altered to be more compliant with the recipient, as the healer may be a female giving healing to a male. There is therefore a constant flux of energy as it falls and rises in unison and one reason whereby a healer may feel so in sync with their recipient.

I have myself experienced psychic healing, and two individuals stand out to me as being quite remarkable. Firstly, that of a good friend who I met a good 12 years ago. She mentioned that I would benefit from healing as such I decided to give it a go. I was asked to lay down with my head and torso inside a metal triangle. I did as I was asked and was soon in a relaxed state of mind and my heart rate had reduced. Being a medium does provide for a higher degree of sensitivities, I say this due to the fact that I first felt a pair of hands on my head and thought that my friend was knelt behind me, within a second however, I felt a pair of hands on my feet. I was intrigued (and nosy) I opened one eye and was gobsmacked to see my friend sat of some 15 feet away, her eyes closed and head bent forward.

The second was an ex-partner, I was laying down on the healing bed, she placed her hands on my left leg. The whole of my leg began to tremble no matter how I tried to intervene (mentally), the feelings were very intense and I felt very moved to tears.

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